The office building provides a working environment over four floors with key design features including:


- Automatic Thermal Temperature Measurement System:  to prevent the infection and spread of 

  coronavirus in workplaces a Thermal Scanning System is now set up at the entrances of the building,

  to scan visitors and employees for fevers. It will scan all who enter and visitors with a temperature

  above 37.5 will not be allowed inside. The system provides an alert when someone with a high

  external body temperature is detected.


Spacious reception area 

-  Reception service

-  Seminar and training rooms

-  Meeting rooms

-  Warehouses

-  Snack area

-  10 person passenger lift 

-  Dual heating system with comfort cooling 

-  Suspended ceiling 

-  Floating floor

-  Male, Female and Disabled wcs 

-  100 on site car parking spaces 

-   50 underground car parking spaces

-  Comprehensive building security systems 

-  Building maintenance service

-  UPS and 400 kw diesel generator

-  Energy certification

-  Photovoltaic power plant

-  Guard House 24/ 7